Basil King's Predella


left side diptychright diptych
A Predella for the Green Man Basil King 2013 oil on canvas diptych 26 x 96 in.

A Predella for the Green Man is among the current Basil King art works reimagining images of an ambiguous shape-shifting earth power. Basil asks,

"Is he creating or is he eating? Will he eat everything? …We don’t find Green Man stories in fairy tales. …For me, his image is close to my toons, personal demons I can’t identify but they are mine. ...I’ve found I need to feed my demons, three times a day. Because of this, I’m always looking for the Green Man."

Quoted from Basil's book Learning to Draw in Martha's King Ink blog post "A Predella for the Green Man." See a work-in-progress slideshow.

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