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Martha King

"Seventy Years ago in the South" prose, text

"True Stories from Lynchburg" prose, text

"Another Summer of Poverty" prose, text

"A Berth in the Haven" prose, text

"War – 1967" prose, text

"Three Months When I was 18" in Jacket prose, text

Imperfect Fit poetry collection

North & South prose collection

Reading "Inheritance" from North & South, video

Critique on Paul Blackburn, text

Basil King

The Spoken Word/The Painted Hand (2014,) Comments and ordering information

Tim Keane reviews King’s art and poetry, text with images

About film, Basil King: MIRAGE, includes trailer

Various readings, audio

"Art is" conversation with George Quasha, video

Reading from Learning to Draw at St. Marks, video

2013 reading from Learning to Draw at Free Range, UK, audio

Tom Fink questions King about process and form, text

Eileen Tabios reviews King publications, text

Laurie Duggan reviews Learning to Draw, plus "Bring it Home," a section from Learnng to Draw, texts

Tom Patterson reviews Green Man exhibition at Poets House, text with images

Burt Kimmelman reviews King publications, text

"My Seventy-Fifth Birthday," poem, text

Basil King page Amazon

Eileen Tabios reviews four King books, text

King’s painting of Paul Blackburn, with his commentary, image with text

"Tactility Resonates" in LiVE MAG!, poem, image

A talk on Stefan Wolpe, text