I am a writer because of my small place in American history, as a middleclass white female “bohemian” who has lived an unspeakably orderly life, held down full time jobs, paid taxes and a mortgage, lived in the same house in Brooklyn, New York, for more than 30 years, and raised kids to hold up all kinds of old WASP virtues: honesty, table manners, love of justice, good grammar. I am a writer because my small place in American history began in Jamestown and most of it centered in the Southern United States, hip deep in the stain of chattel slavery and all its ugly descendants and lulled by the story-telling traditions and linguistic seductions common to that territory.
I am the wife of Basil King, a defining relationship in my life. I am the mother of Mallory and Hetty and grandmother of Satrianna, Kirin, Evelyn, and Agnes.

Since 2008 Elinor Nauen and I have hosted a monthly reading series, Prose Pros, currently at Side Walk Café, Avenue A @ 6th Street, on the Lower East Side. For more about this, click below.

Prose Pros!
at Prose Pros
Elinor Nauen (inset) and MWK

There are hundreds of poetry readings in New York City every month, but just one series—Prose Pros—dedicated solely to prose forms.

Our readings are held monthly, usually on a Thursday, from 6:30 to 7:45, September to June, in the comfortable back room theater of Side Walk Café. Food and drinks are available. We recently presented Mike DeCapite, Bill German, Greg Masters, Hettie Jones, Basil King, Lynne Tillman, Lynn Crawford, Bonny Fineberg, Murat Nemat-Nejat, Ron Padgett, Louise Steinman, and others. The Gander.tv Facebook page archives all past readings.

The readings are free but we pass a hat for contributions that go to the evening’s readers and the Side Walk’s sound tech.

Contact us with questions or Friend Prose Prose on Facebook for the latest info.